Nobel Prizes for the The atomic, ionic and molecular constitution of the chemical world

發布時間:2019年01月05日 + -

The nature of our world has always fascinated human beings. Leukippos and his student Demokritos (about 400 BC) developed a theory that said that everything was composed of atoms which were the smallest unique component of matter that could not be further divided. It took scientists a long time to get a better insight into this matter. JJ Thompson, Rutherford and Bohr gave improved insight into the composition of atoms. With the discovery of X-rays by Rntgen a much improved possibility to investigate the structure of matter. In particular von Laue, and father and son Bragg developed unique methods of investigating matter. The early workers were for a considerable time not believed. The lecture will cover the explosion in insights in the chemistry of matter during essentially the last 100 years.